Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez



CrossFit L1

Programming Certificate

Spot the Flaw Certificate

About Coach

Hi, I am Antonio Lopez! I was born and raised here in the city of Rochester. I grew up playing sports my whole life. I played everything from soccer, football, wrestling, baseball, boxing, volleyball, and bowling. I played college tennis at Eastern University, where I graduated from. I also have my Masters degree from the University of Rochester. I have coached many sports (soccer, wrestling, football, softball, tennis) at different levels. Being able to meet people where they are and try to make them the best in the sport they want is what pushes me!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I have experienced a great community and want to make everyone feel welcome wherever their path. Watching the documentary on CrossFit is what pushed me to go and try a gym. During my first workout, I fainted because of how hard I pushed myself. I was not in shape as I thought I was, and I was hooked on making sure I never felt like that again.

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