Laurie Enright

Laurie Enright



CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

As the only sister to five (5!!!) brothers, one may think I was brought up as a tomboy / athlete, but that was not the case. My passion for being active began in my 20s- when my “exercise” led me to being a certified aerobics instructor. Fast forward - as my kids got older and busier, my only form of exercise was 5 AM runs, marathon training and more running. Then, my brother in Atlanta told me about this new sport called CrossFit. There was one gym in Rochester at the time and I went to try it out. I LOVED it, though I was scared every day I went because I didn’t know what the WOD was in advance and worried about what I couldn’t do. It was the best thing for my mental and physical fitness. Now as a member and Coach at Brickyard CrossFit, the community (owners of Brickyard were my friends already) of like-minded people, and the progressive training help me stay young and healthy. I am all-in on promoting this lifestyle to anyone seeking longevity.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I am an early-morning person, a busy body, and extremely independent. The thought of not being able to handle physical tasks on my own keeps me committed to maintaining my health and fitness. I am responsible for being a role model for my adult children and our Brickyard community. I believe an active lifestyle and healthy diet can prevent so many of the diseases plaguing people in adulthood. I am attempting to humbly demonstrate that becoming older according to the calendar does not limit physical growth and achieving health goals. If my friends want to run a half marathon, climb a high peak, or do some other physical challenge, 9 times out of 10, I want to participate! It’s not about pursuing perfection but pursuing progress that matters. That’s success in my book.

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