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Brickyard CrossFit

People join gyms for different reasons and at different points in their lives. Typically, folks are looking for an interesting, challenging, accessible way to get “healthier”; whether that means losing weight, getting stronger, feeling leaner, looking younger, etc. Regardless of what drives someone to walk into a particular gym initially, finding a group of like-minded people that you enjoy working out with, suffering with, and celebrating with is the key to a positive gym experience. The community is what ensures you will walk in over and over again.

Having been members of the same gym for over a decade, we came to realize that being part of the community we created amongst ourselves far outweighed the benefits that equipment and programming alone could offer. Over the years, we grew to appreciate that while fitness goals remain a significant priority in each of our lives, the most important and most impactful part of being members of our gym was the community we had created; simply put, we just like being with each other.  Building our own gym that focuses on excellent programming AND a strong, healthy community was a no-brainer for us.

Whatever you are seeking, you’ll find it at Brickyard CrossFit. Our team's combined experiences as fitness professionals and dedicated friends define our mission. We are committed to helping you define and meet your goals in a way that’s suited to you personally. We will provide you with tools, guidance, and support to ensure that you meet your goals while you help others achieve theirs. And, it’s not all just hard work in the gym! Social events, community activities, and exciting inner-gym challenges are all part of the Brickyard experience.

Our team - Jason, Lisa, Mike, & Chris - is so excited to welcome you into our community!


Meet our Awesome Team of Coaches!


Our community is what makes us special. And, it's what will keep you going.

We understand how intimidating it can be to join a new fitness community - especially a CrossFit gym. Don't worry, our coaches and Brickyard members are ready to welcome you and help you get started! You are definitely not in this alone.

Our trainers have a combined 50+ years of experience. We are knowledgeable and passionate about creating a supportive environment and unique programming. No matter your current fitness level, we'll help you figure out exactly where to start!

Your  Brickyard coaches are here to help you get the most out of the time you spend with us. We have built a membership community that is easy and comfortable to join. Workouts are fun and INTENSE! We know you will crave more and more challenges every time! So, it's important to us that you feel welcomed and encouraged from day one - That is our promise to everyone who walks through our door!

As soon as you see what we have to offer and how fun it is, you'll be so excited to start! Let's do this!

Brickyard CrossFit:
A Unique Fitness Experience

Events and Competitions

Class Reservations

Daily posted workouts

Top of the line equipment


Safe, Clean Environment

Conveniently located in the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Rochester. Tons of free parking and a friendly staff await!

Brickyard CrossFit makes it easy to get out and get to the gym. Our location is convenient from anywhere in Rochester. See you soon!

1200 Edgewood Avenue Rochester, NY, 14618
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Class starts soon! All you have to do is get here!

Contact us to get started!
Contact us to get started!
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