Jason Wasserman

Jason Wasserman



CrossFit - L1

CrossFit - L2

CrossFit - L3

CrossFit kids

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit preferred courses: Programming, Spot the flaw, running, scaling, DB's, Lesson planning

Olympic and powerlifting coach certification from ASFA

Certified Nutrition Coach

Bachelors in Physical Education

About Coach

A Brighton native, I grew up playing a variety of sports but my favorite was baseball. I always had an interest in staying healthy and being fit. Lifting weights in high school and college was always a priority. I was able to stay in good shape through college while playing baseball at the University of Charleston. Unfortunately, when college ended, so did my weight lifting and fitness. In 2011 I started an athletics business called Turf Time and it happened to be next door to a CrossFit facility. I went and tried it out and didn’t look back. I have been a fully dedicated CrossFitter since 2011. During my time doing CrossFit, I have lost about 50 pounds (and kept it off). I still love a good PR but, now I CrossFit to stay healthy, strong and fit forever.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I love teaching and passing on knowledge to those that are motivated to improve their overall health and fitness. Whether it be CrossFit, nutrition or athletics. I want to share and inspire. I want everyone to have a chance to reach their full fitness potential.

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