Sahib (Saab) Sandhu

Sahib (Saab) Sandhu

Coach/Physical Therapist


USAW Level 1

Doctor of Physical Therapy

About Coach

Born and raised in Brighton, I played basketball throughout my high school career and decided to make the jump to Olympic weightlifting as a senior in high school. From there I competed in the American Open in 2017 and went on to the USA University Nationals in 2018. I picked up CrossFit in 2015, but didn’t seriously pursue it until more recently. As a physical therapist, I believe keeping active and continually pushing your limits is the best way to stay healthy across the long term. I think CrossFit and the group of coaches/community at Brickyard exemplify this.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I am a competitor at heart, and I think that’s the best way to not only improve your fitness, but also your longevity as a human. Competition doesn’t have to be against others. Being better than yourself a day/week/year ago is the best way to know you’re on the path to improving yourself. This is what gets me up in the morning!

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