Roni Yahav

Roni Yahav



CrossFit level 1

CrossFit Gymnastics (in progress)

Silver sneakers (in progress)

ACE personal trainer

Group fitness instructor

Swim teacher

Zumba instructor

Sensual bachata instructor

About Coach

As a teenager, I was a competitive triathlete, and since I was a good swimmer and great at teaching, I became a swim teacher. Then, in high school, I started working out at the gym to improve my strength to benefit my triathlete skills. I ended up loving gym workouts more than triathlons. Four years later, I got my certification as a trainer and started working as one just for fun. I never thought about making my hobby my job, but the more I tried to have a 'real' job, the more I was drawn to being a professional trainer and coach. A few years later, CrossFit came up on TV. It looked impressive, so I googled it and decided to give it a try. After following and performing CrossFit workouts, I decided to become certified as a trainer

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

In November 2022, my husband and I relocated to Rochester from Israel. I heard there is a great Jewish gym and community at the JCC. Once I started working there, I saw Brickyard CrossFit inside. Talking with Coach Jason was my first step in joining the Brickyard family! Now I get to coach both general CrossFit classes and our amazing group of Seniors in our Brickyard Masters classes!

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