Lisa Pietrangeli

Lisa Pietrangeli



CrossFit - L1

CrossFit Masters Certification (specializing in CrossFit members 60+)

CF Scaling

Group Exercise Certification

Personal Training Certification

IMX Pilates

Silver Sneakers

About Coach

My training career began in 1998 at the YMCA with Group Exercise class instruction. For over 12 years, I was certified in and taught everything that was offered: Aerobic exercise, Step classes, Kick Boxing, strength training, IMX Pilates, Pre-natal classes, and Silver Sneakers. I was also a certified Personal Trainer. Once I discovered CrossFit, I recognized that the philosophy was very much in line with the type of training I was offering to all of my class participants. That exercise and movement should be focused on doing the things you normally do, better. Proper body awareness and building strength will ensure that we can avoid injuries, perform better as athletes (whatever that means to each of us - walking, running, sports, etc.), and improve our overall health as we age. I'm excited for the opportunity to help our members learn the advantages of "functional fitness" in our lives.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

It wasn't until I was an adult that I recognized how committed I was to being active in life. Starting long-ago with school sports (Basketball and Track) and the aerobics craze of the 80s, I have prioritized fitness activities in my life. Believe me, I'm no star athlete. What I have found is that if I take a moment to remember how good it feels to be done with a really intense practice or workout or a long hike, I crave that feeling again. It's not always easy. But when I genuinely enjoy what I'm doing and seeing results, the motivation is there. Sure, some days I just want to stop (and sometimes I do!) but the next day is the important one. When I'm trying to talk myself into getting up and out the door first thing in the morning, I remember that awesome feeling of being done and how great the mental, physical, and emotional rewards are. I hope you'll find that Brickyard CrossFit opens tons of doors for you and that you feel that reward over and over again! Not just doing classes, but joining your fellow members on hikes, walks, pickle-ball courts, or whatever crazy thing we decide to do together. Fun and results are key to showing up! I promise to help you get there!

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