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Meet Coach Wazz, owner of Brickyard CrossFit. He's responsible for all of our incredible, challenging, and fun programming!
Jason Wasserman
August 3, 2021
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Not only is Coach Wazz an owner of Brickyard CrossFit, he also is responsible for all of our incredible, challenging, and fun programming. But most remarkably, he is an amazing CrossFit success story.

Read on for some wise words Jason shared with our membership in week-4 of our our recent Nutrition Challenge. As a PE teacher and coach, he still struggled with nutrition, strength, and overall fitness. And now?? He is an absolute inspiration to all of us every single day and we are so lucky to have him as our nutrition and fitness expert!

Jason gets that not everyone is the same and that different things work for different people. He's a fantastic support and will always help steer you in the right direction - without judgement and with unending patience. He's the best!

-Lisa Pietrangeli, co-owner and coach

How CrossFit Changed my Life - In Every Way

Cleaning up your nutrition is a process and takes time. It can be frustrating and challenging, but hopefully you are starting to see positive changes that you want to maintain. You are creating new habits and changing your lifestyle rather than just trying something for a short time. With that, I thought I would share a before and after picture of myself as well my personal fitness and nutrition journey. I have been following the Paleo lifestyle for about 10 years. I have had my ups and downs, tried and failed numerous times. It is all part of the process.

Here is a side by side picture of me 10 years ago, just before I started CrossFit.  I was 50 pounds heavier than I am now. (Several of you first met me when I looked like this but probably don't remember!)

Coach Jason Wasserman
Coach Jason Wasserman when he started CrossFit and today. He is here to help you with overall fitness, strength, nutrition, and overall support and encouragement.

I got started in CrossFit because Chris Lenzi (co-owner of BCF and noon-time coach) talked me into coming to a class. I was starting a business adjacent to a different gym and Chris helped us move some stuff into the facility. I agreed to come to a class. I hated it! But, I really enjoyed the positive energy and community atmosphere. I decided to give it a full month's try. I struggled- A LOT. I finished last in all the WODs. I felt as though I didn't know the movements, and on top of that, the instructor just yelled at everyone.  I often sat in my car and hoped he wouldn't show. Luckily the support of others in the 5 am class kept me coming back.  

Fast forward a few months as I stuck it out and started to notice a difference in my workouts.  Nutrition was starting to be a focal point for many at the gym. I decided to give Paleo a try but I wasn't 100% committed. I did notice I was losing weight and started to perform much better in my workouts, but I would still have the occasional meal that wasn't paleo (I was a sucker for a DiBella's sub!).

Once I started dialing in my nutrition, I loved how I felt. I learned to use food as energy instead of pleasure or reward and I learned that I wanted to feel that good forever. I have since added in oatmeal so I am not 100% paleo, but pretty close. Macro tracking has really upped my gym routine and also raised my energy level throughout the day.  

My hope is that through this challenge you are finding something or many things that you will be able to use forever.  You may have to/want to tweak it to fit your individual lifestyle, but there should be some lifelong lessons and habits formed.  

Paleo is not for everyone and I don't recommend it for everyone.  The plan you are on and following may be the perfect plan for you.  Continue what you are doing.  Don't get complacent in week 4.  Keep striving for your goals and don't give up. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed!  

Have a great day!

Jason (a.k.a. Coach Wazz)

Coach Jason Wasserman

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